Saturday, November 24, 2012

31 Day Challenge, Day, 11: Polka Dots

I love dots and my dotting tools.  I love them so much that I'd probably do a dotticure  times out of 10 if I didn't force myself to try other things.

Today I have a retro-inspired manicure using all China Glaze polishes.  The base is Kalahari Kiss and the dots are done in Exotic Encounters, Seduce Me and Call of the Wild.  I really love how this turned out.

Sadly, as I mentioned earlier, I had a serious nail accident a few days ago.  I tried so hard to save my poor nail but today I lost it, nail bandage and all.  I can't bring myself to file down the rest of my nails just yet so I apologize for how my hands appear.


  1. So gorgeous! I love all of the colors that you used. Sorry to hear about your nail accident.It looks like it hurts.

    1. Thank you! OMG it really did hurt, it's better now aside from being ugly and stubby. :)