Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another copycat mani

Yes, I lack originality sometimes.  The thing is I'm unemployed right now so I spend a lot of time online just messing around when I'm not actively looking for a new job and that inevitably leads me to evil places like Pinterest where I am flooded with amazing images of nail art and I want to recreate them all!  The other day I ran across a lovely photo of simple and elegant nautical strips - this particular manicure from manicurator.com.  Now, I did mine using only striping tape because even after a couple of hours my painters tape was still sticking and pulling up polish.  I don't recommend blocking off large parts of your nail with striping tape - it's kind of a pain and then you run the risk of bleed through between the pieces no matter how well you stick them down.

I also think I need to go back to buying SV.  I've been using Out the Door which I like over solid colors or gradients but over stripes and dots and other art it just seems to smear more than I'd like it to.

Oh, oh....and I broke a nail while cleaning so I had to file them all down.  I hate breaking nails and this one ended up being one of those unpretty painful ones that you just can't fix due to how far down into the nail bed the tear is.  No, I will not show pics of my sad, sad index finger on my right hand - no one needs to see that, not even me.

For this I used 4 thin coats of Wet n Wild Megalast 205B Sugar Coat.  It's super super sheer so if you want full opacity many coats are necessary - it's great for a sheer classic French though.  The stripes are done in L'Oreal VIP Status.

One of these days I'll buy an actual camera. To date all my photos are cell phone photos and for that I apologize.

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